Access Codes

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An access code is a group of alphanumeric characters that can be used to enrol users to content and/or user groups. The methods that access codes can be used is dependent upon the configuration of your system. Access codes are typically associated with a bundle that determines the corresponding content and/or user groups.

Common Ways to Use Access Codes

Create an access code with specific user groups and products assigned and then apply the code to selected users to automatically enrol them into the associated user groups and products.

callout-successThis scenario is available to systems that use the Quick Register feature.

Users who already have an account within the LMS can enter a supplied access code into the quick register box on their home page. This action will enrol them to any groups or content associated with the code. The user will be alerted if the code is accepted, if they already used the code, or if the code is invalid.

callout-successThis scenario is available to systems that use a Self Registration Form.

Users who do not have an account can enter a supplied access code from the login screen to create a new account. They will be guided through a quick four step account creation wizard. This action will also enrol them to any groups or content associated with the code.

Navigate to Access Codes

callout-successThis feature is available to Site Managers,  Campus Admins (Type 13), and Campus Managers (Type 6) depending on system configuration.


  1. Log in with an appropriate account.
    • If logged in with a Site Manager account, select Access Codes from the Library tab.
    • If logged in with a Campus Admin or Campus Manager account, select Access Codes from the Manage tab.
  2. Optionally use Filter and Save Searches to locate specific codes. 
  3. Optionally Export the list. 

Create an Access Code

callout-successThis feature is available to Site Managers and users with campus level permissions depending on system configuration: type 13 (e.g., Campus Admin) and type 6 (e.g., Campus Manager) .


In most cases you will want to first create a product enrolment bundle to associate the access code to. 

  1. Navigate to Access Codes.
  2. Select Create from the options menu. If you can't see the menu, show the Tool Panel
  3. Complete out the Details section of the form.
    1. Enter access code Number. You can enter your own number or name or let the LMS generate a random number.  
    2. Enter an optional Description that appears on the Access Code page.
    3. Enter a number of Credits. Credits are the number of times this code can be used. Leave blank for unlimited use. 
    4. Select a Status.  Choose active or inactive. Only active codes can be used for registration.
    5. Enter an optional Expiry date. The code can no longer be used after the expiry date has passed.
    6. Registration Form option is applicable only to sites that use registration forms for user account creation. This option will let you select which form to present during account creation.
  4. Complete the User Groups section of the form. 
    1. Add or remove User Groups.
    2. All user groups joined to the access code are applied to an account upon consumption.
  5. Complete the Add to Access Code section of the form to link Bundles or Products.
    1. Select Bundles to associate an existing bundle of products to this access code.
      • Ensure that your bundle is available to the user groups associated to this access code. 
      • Select Show Selected Bundle Courses to help determine the correct bundle selection.
    2. Select Products to create an access code by selecting products instead of a bundle.
      • The LMS will create a bundle behind the scenes and assign randomized numerals for the bundle name.  
      • You can find the new bundle on the bundles page where you can rename and reuse it if you like. 
      • All products associated to the access code (using either method above) are applied to an account upon access code consumption.
  6. Save.

callout-infoAn access code may only be used once per account, even when a code is allowed unlimited use.

Access Code Availability

You can manage access code availability using several methods. Select a method below to learn more.

 See Add/Remove user groups under Create an Access Code

callout-infoUser groups removed from an access code are no longer applied to an account upon consumption. User groups added to the access code are applied to an account upon consumption.

  1. Navigate to Access Codes
  2. Use the toggle button in the Status column to change the access code to acrtiove or inactive.

callout-infoInactive access codes remain in the system, on reports, and attached to user profiles, but can no longer be used, even if there are credits remaining.

    callout-dangerDelected access codes are permanently removed from the system, including reports. An alternative to deletion is to change the status to inactive.

    1. Navigate to Access Codes.
    2. Use the split button next to an access code to select Delete.

    Manage Access Code User Groups

    1. Log in with a Site Manager account.
    2. Navigate to Access Codes.
    3. Select Edit.  
    4. Add or remove user groups in the access code. 
    5. Save when you have finished updating the user groups that are associated with this bundle.

    callout-infoAdding a new product to an existing access code will not automatically register that product to participants who already consumed the access code. However, if the access code is associated with a bundle, the system will ask if you want to update the registrations for all individuals who have access codes associated with that bundle. Answering yes does all the work.