Site Manager Introduction

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This manual has been written as a guide for Informetica Site Managers. It covers the aspects of the system unique to Site Manager access. For basic Informetica navigation, please visit the Participant User Manual

Site Managers are alotted all permissions, access to all system tools, and the Sencia support team. Site Manager capabilities include: 

  • Adjusting system settings
  • Bundling courses
  • Updating system labels
  • Creating campuses
  • Defining certification rules
  • Managing report access
  • Viewing system announcements
  • Setting password criteria
  • Viewing license details
  • Running reports


callout-infoThis manual may reference features that do not apply to your Informetica system or features may be named differently due to customizations specific to your site. Some systems may have customizations not be covered in this manual. Informetica is under constant development and some differences between the live application and this manual may occur.