How To Generate an R603 Systems Registrations Report & Save Your Defined Search

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How To Generate An R603 Systems Registrations Report And Save Your Defined Search (Training For Site Administrators)

Welcome to Informetica's VIP Training Series

During this advanced training session, you will learn how to generate an R603 system registrations report and save defined searches.

Run the R603 report to view user accounts created within a defined date range based on account creation or last login with the following steps:

  1. Log into your Informetica LMS
  2. Select reports tab on the top of your navigation bar
  3. If you are logging in as site manager, select the report wizard from the drop-down menu

    Your system will generate a list of reports available to you, and you can also view by list or section. If you sort by sections, scroll down to the security area and select the R603.

    You can also select this report by entering one or two words into the search box.

    A display of the 603 report will provide you with the title, description and the fields.
  4. Select user groups on the top tab (or select step 2 the bottom of the page)
  5. Navigate to the filter by campus box and select the campus you would like to select on your report by highlighting one or all of the campuses available
  6. The available user groups will be shown based on the campuses you have selected. The user group search box helps you search for a specific group by inserting the name above. 
  7. Select the user group or user groups and select step three.
  8. Navigate to the user type name, which is an optional field. (Leaner, proctor, all)
  9. Select the user status name which is optional: select all, registered, registration pending, active, inactive)
  10. From the account creation date range, select a date range that is relative to the current date. This is also optional.
  11. Select the last login date. This is an optional field
  12. Select save filters to save your filters for this report to eliminate going through these steps every time you need to generate this type of report.
  13. Select save filters on the bottom right-hand side, and a save search create box will appear.
  14. Title the name of your report
  15. Insert a description
  16. Select save search
    Now when you go into save searches, you will be able to select this report and launch it below from a list of your saved searches.
  17. Select launch report
  18. Select a format to launch your saved report and select the output you desire: HTML, XL, or CSV

Once the report generates, you will notice a report header in the data that is available below it with;
-the learner's name
-enrolment date
-user group count
-user groups (which you can expand)
-department managers
-general contractors
-the status
-account type
-and the last login date

That concludes this training on how to generate an R603 systems registrations report and save your defined searches.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you so much for watching.