How To Create an R224 Scheduled Course Enrollments Report

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Run R224 Schedule courses Report (Training For Site Administrators)

Welcome to Informetica’s VIP training series.

During this advanced training session, you will learn how to generate an R224 scheduled course enrolments report and save your defined searches.

The R224 will generate a list of users enroled to one or more scheduled courses, along with their dates of enrolment, dates of completion, and their enrolment status, with the following steps:

  1. 1.Login to your Informetica LMS
  2. Select the reports tab on the top of your navigation bar
  3. Select report wizard

You will notice a list of reports available to you. You can also view scheduled reports by section. Scroll down to the user account reports and select the R224 from this area.

Alternatively, you can also select the R224 in the above search box
Or, you can insert one or two words that relate to the report that you are searching for.

A description of the R224 report will display the title, description of the report, and all fields available to you in the report.

You can select step two below, or navigate to the top and select the second tab “user groups”.

Now we are going to navigate to the filter by campus box and select the campus/s you want to include in your report by highlighting the available campus.

For the sake of this demo, I will select "All" so that we can grab some data.

The user groups below are shown based on the campuses that you have selected above. You can select the user group name in the search box or you can select them below.

Continue To Step Three:

  1. In the filter products box, enter the name of your product
  2. Select product on the right hand side in the product library
  3. You can also select "All" or "None"
  4. Select the published status (published, unpublished or published and unpublished)
  5. Select the activity status (active, inactive or master)
  6. Scroll down to the filtering schedule toolbox and insert your scheduling tool name and select it on the right hand side.
  7. Select one location or all
  8. Navigate to filter user list and type in the username or select user names from the user lists
  9. Select status (registered, registration pending or inactive)
  10. Select the type (proctor or learner)
  11. Select the enrolment status (pending, approved, registration revoked, dropped, completed, expired, automatically generated, absent, no-show)
  12. Scroll down to the scheduled course start date
    These boxes are optional, and you can select a date range that is relevant to the current date in either one of these boxes, and select: yes,select today, yesterday, this week, or last month. These are all optional fields.
  13. From - To: Insert a date and time range 
  14. Save filters box (select save)
    For your convenience, we have added the save filters box so that you can save filters for your report which will eliminate going through the steps every time you need to generate this type of report.
    Select save filters and you will notice a Save Search create box appears. 
  15. Insert the name of your report 
  16. Select save search
  17. Select the saved searches box on the report wizard page
  18. Select the report from that area and it will load all of your parameters for you so that you can just click on launch report
  19. Select your desired format (HTML, XL or CSV) and your report will appear

You will notice some interactive elements on your report. You can expand and view campuses, expand and view user groups, expand and review scheduling tools, and you can also scroll down and select your user, and expand his user group area so that you can review the user groups he belongs to.

You can view his enrolment date, finish date, enrolment status, and status change dates.

That concludes this training on how to create an R224 scheduled course enrolment report and save your defined searches.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you so much for watching.