Create a Bundle

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callout-successThis feature is available to Site Managers depending on system configuration.


  1. Log in with a Site Manager account.
  2. Select Bundle from the Quick Create menu on the home page.create-bundle-a
  3. Fill out the Create Bundle form.
  4. Enter a bundle Name.
  5. Add an optional Description.
  6. Select a Status from the drop-down menu (active, inactive, or category).  
    • Active status is used when the bundle is intended for registration purposes. For example, a bundle assigned to an access code. When active, the bundle can be seen on the desktop side and in drop down menus for reports.
    • An inactive bundle can only be seen by Site Managers and does not appear in drop-down menus.
    • Category status is used for visually displaying products together under one category on learner home pages. 
  7. Select a Type from the drop-down menu. You may have only one option, such as product enrollment or certification set.
    • Product Enrollment is used to enroll indivuduals into all of the products assigned to the bundle. When you want to create a category or a registration bundle, you would use this type.
    • Certification Set is a custom type that allows you to bundle multiple certifications into one bigger certification. It is not an available default type, but an be customized for your system. When the user goes into the desktop side and has earned certifications that are part of a certification set bundle, they will see the certification bundle printout that lists the individual certifications instead of viewing only the single certifications. Visit Certification Sets for more details.
  8. Save.
  9. Apply the category to one or more user groups. Follow the steps for Add or Remove User Groups.
  10. Add the products that appear under the category. Follow the steps for Add or Remove Bundle Products.

Bundle courses and assign that bundle to an access code for quick registration. Bundles can be used in conjunction with access codes for easy enrollment of one or many indivuduals into products. A bundle can be assigned to an access code and then indivuduals can enter the code into the Quick Enroll field on their home page (if enabled). After using the code, they will be enrolled into the user groups and products in the bundle.