Introducing Informetica LMS

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Introducing Informetica LMS

If your corporation is limited to developing in-person training, and not able to scale past a certain number of attendees due to confined space, or you are struggling to provide continuous learning opportunities that deliver certification that keep your company and regulatory compliance; welcome to Informetica.

Informetica is a cloud-based customizable LMS With your logo, your colours, your fonts, and your preferred language.

It's designed to house your professional development and corporate online training to keep your corporation compliant with the ability to deliver training to 100's or thousands of employees or learners, keeping everyone up-to-date and certified at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods.

With the Informetica learning management system, you can easily manage and scale the online learning needs of your corporation with multiple employees, divisions, contractors, customers and partners worldwide, and deliver training 24 seven to your learners on the device that they prefer to use.

Deliver mandatory training and track employee compliance with electronic affidavits.

Run reports for individuals or groups to view your learners' affidavit interactivity.

Informetica also makes your administration tasks a breeze with data at your fingertips, and the ability to provide powerful reports in seconds with over 38 reports and counting.

Informetica's in- house developers and programmers provide world-class service, and are available when you need them with a proprietary support ticket system.

And if you have an older legacy system developed before the stringent data laws existed, don't let that hold you back.

Informetica's team will scrub and migrate your data to ensure you adhere to international guidelines, and you remain GDP are compliant.

Explore Informetica today and find out how we can build a custom LMS that addresses your challenges.