Site Manager Dashboard

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The Site Manager dashboard (Home) contains shortcuts to commonly used features and tools, licensing information, announcements regarding system updates, a list of recently modified and added items, and navigation to the various areas of the system. Select an item below to learn more about an area of the Site Manager dashboard.


All areas of the system available to Site Managers are accesible using the main navigation tabs.  The features available under each main navigation area may vary for your system.

  • Home navigates to this Site Manager dashboard.
  • Library navigates to products, media library, bundles, certifications, classifications, scheduling tool, and question banks.
  • Users navigates to access codes, accounts, supplemental training, notes, campuses, user groups, and site manager accounts.
  • Reports navigates to Site Manager reports and the report wizard
  • Control Panel navigates to the calendar, languages, security, emails, import utility, dictionaries, product types, user xml attributes, and report access.
  • Support navigate to the service request system (SRS tool) and resources areas.

The information bar displays your user login account and contains a logout link. Select Logout to ensure that any changes are saved and your session is properly ended.


Use these links to quickly create any of the items
  • User Account
  • Product
  • Bundle
  • Certification
  • Access Code
  • Campus
  • User Group
This area contains direct links to some of the most commonly used tools in the
This area lists items that have recently been added to the system (e.g. products, assests, question banks).site-manager-home-page-recently-added
This area lists items that have recently been changed or edited within the
This area summarizes license information for the system. Most browsers will show a chart, but old versions of a browser may show only the data within the table. site-manager-home-page-license-1
  • Current shows the total number of desktop accounts (excluding Site Manager accounts). These accounts apply towards the license. Select the current pie slice to view a summary of the account statuses (i.e. registered, registration pending, and disabled).
  • Available shows the number of accounts available. 
This area shares information about the lerning management system such as new modules, development, and improvements. New announcments have an indicator.Select Read More to view the entire annoucment. site-manager-home-announcements