Proctor Introduction

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This manual has been written as a guide for Proctor account types (Type 15).  A proctor is a specialized account type that can  approve access to a test just before a user can take it. Proctors are typically used in situations where it is necessary to  authenticate the exam takers. This can be done in a physical location or remotely.  Proctor accounts don’t typically require the user to login to the account, however, Informetica navigation and general desktop experience can be found in the Participant User Manual

callout-infoA test must be configured as a proctored test to leverage this account type.


  1. A unique Proctor account should be created for each person who will administer proctored exams.
  2. A Proctor can approve the proctored test of any learner that belongs to the same user groups as the Proctor.
  3. The Proctor must enter their account username and password on the learner's screen to allow the learner access to the test