Filter and Save Searches

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This page has a filter to help you isolate what you need.  The multi-select filters have an autocomplete feature that displays an existing filter term as you begin to type a word into the field.

  1. Select the Filter tab.
  2. Select one or more filters from the Add Filters list.
  3. Enter or select criteria for each added filter.
  4. Select the Search button. 
  5. Refine the filters as desired.
    • Use the x next to an added filter to remove it.
    • Select Reset to clear all filters.
  6. Export the list if desired.
This image shows an example of a filter page.filter

Save Filter

Some filter pages also let you save the filter for repeated use. You can access any filters that you saved from the Searches

  1. Select the Save Search button at the bottom of the filtered list.
  2. Give the search a unique name and description.
  3. Input the name you created in the Saved Search Name box to display the filters and criteria you saved.
  4. Select the name of the search to run the filter.