How To Utilize Product Filters

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See also Filter and Save Search.

How To Utilize Product Filters (Training For Site Administrators)

Welcome to Informetica’s VIP Training Series

During this advanced training session, you will learn how to navigate and utilize the product filters on the products page to view existing products with the following steps;

  1. Log into your Informetica LMS.
  2. Select the library tab on the top navigation bar and select products.

Information is provided at a glance with a page navigation bar.

At first glance, you will be provided with:

  • The product ID
  • The name of the product
  • The product type
  • And the status (which can be active, inactive or master)
  • The date the product was created
  • The date product was edited
  • Edit details

You also have the ability to copy the product on this page.

You will notice your advanced product filters:

In this section, a new product can be created in this area by clicking on the green plus create box and inputting the product details on the create product page:

  1. Select the product type
  2. Page title
  3. Menu
  4. The product completion indicator types
  5. And the status
  6. Select all to highlight and select all products

You will notice the scheduling tool is also accessible from this page if you have it enabled on your system.

Sort options are listed below:
You can filter by sorting from A to Z, or X to A.

Status is also available:
Select status to view active, inactive or master products.

Date created:
Sort from newest to oldest, and from oldest to newest.

Date edited:
Sort from the newest product to the oldest product, and oldest to newest.

From this section, you can type in the user ID to find your product.

You can also filter by sorting by typing in a full or partial search term of your specific product name.

You can select all campuses, or choose a specific campus from the Campus drop-down list.

You can also sort by user group:
Use the drop-down menu to select user groups to view their products.

You can sort by:
Products can be viewed by status by clicking the status in the drop-down box and clicking on all, active, inactive or master.

Specific product types can be viewed by selecting:
Mandatory training, training program, instructor-led course, webinars and videos, trials, or document.

View specific assets by clicking on all, module, reference, assignment, evaluation, SCORM, wiki, markup document, questionnaire, prova test or appraisal.

Once you click on any of the options available in the advanced filter box, your system will display your preferred filter results.

That concludes this training on how to navigate and Utilize product filters on the products page.

I hope this was helpful.
Thank you so much for watching.