View Grades and Curriculum

callout-successSome or all of these features may not be in use for your system.


You can view your grades and the number of times that you have attempted each gradable item in the system.  

  1. Select the tab at the top of your screen. This tab is generally named something like My Transcript, My Progress, or Grades.

  2. Select the plus symbol (+) next to a course name to view the individual gradable items in the course.  Items that have not been attempted or have no gradable value are not available in this view. Your grades may be presented in any of the following ways:
    • Pass/Fail
    • Complete/Incomplete
    • Grade in the form of a percentile
    • Mark in the form of a scored numeric value

  3. Some systems offer a menu that lets you view your course results while inside the course.  Select Course Results from the Utilities menu. 
  4. Some systems use a curriculum feature that lets you filter to see required tests and when they are due. Use the Curriculum filter drop-down menu to show only required items. In the example below, the participant filtered to show only required items. This participant has over 30 enrolments, but only WHMIS shows as required. You can also see that there are 3 tests, but only 2 required tests (the practice quiz is not required). Required tests have a Y in the required column.

callout-infoSome or all of these features may not be in use for your system.