Calendar and Events

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Some systems have a calendar to show events, tasks, and deadlines for courses, modules, and tests. Items may be added automatically based on their due dates or scheduled by managers, publishers, and instructors. You can also add personal tasks. You can access the calendar from your home page. 

 An example of a calendar. 


The calendar shows the current month with the current day highlighted in blue. To view a month that is not the current month, use the drop-down menus to change the month and year and then press the go button. Click on any event to view the event creator and start and end dates.

callout-infoNote that this is not the same as the registration calendar associated with scheduled courses.

Events Box

callout-successSome or all of these features may not be in use for your system.

Some systems feature a box on the home page that shows news and tasks relevant to the
Today automatically shows assignments and evaluations that have a deadline of today (e.g. the publishing date ends on today’s date).

My Tasks
My Tasks keeps track of to-do lists and personal items within Informetica. Tasks may be added by you, a manager, publisher, or instructor. Tasks that you add personally are private and you can opt to view them on the calendar in addition to My Tasks.

News items are added by a manager, publisher, or instructor and show items within a set date range. For example, an event scheduled from March 1-March 15, will not appear in the news box before March 1 or after March 15. The news box lists a maximum of 10 news items at once.

callout-infoSome or all of these features may not be in use for your system. This view is not available to Site Managers.

Create a Task

callout-successSome or all of these features may not be in use for your system.


Tasks are sorted automatically by due date, but you can re-sort the list to show the tasks alphabetically by name, completion status, or due date. Tasks sorted by status show completed items first, then not started and then in progress.

  1. Open calendar from the main navigation bar to see the My Tasks menu.
  2. Select the plus symbol (+) in the My Tasks menu.
  3. Complete the form. The task description is optional.
  4. Select Yes next to Appears on Calendar
  5. Save. Upon saving, the event will be viewable on My Task list and on the calendar, as applicable. 
No icon Items that you have not started.
task-icon-a Items that are in progress.
task-icon-b Items due today or past due.
task-icon-c Items with a strikethrough have been completed. Completed items will stay at the top, even when sorted.
task-icon-d Select the up arrow to collapse or expand the list.

callout-infoOnly you can see your own tasks.

Edit or Delete Tasks

callout-successSome or all of these features may not be in use for your system.

You can delete a task as well as edit a task’s title, description, status, calendar presence, or due date. Tasks can be updated with the following statuses: completed, in progress, or not started. 

    1. Select the wrench in the My Tasks menu.
    2. Select the Delete or Edit button next to the applicable task title.
    3. Save after making any edits.